4​!​000 - Perilous Holiday

by 4! records + tapes

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Bedroom transmissions / various manifestations of the home-fi thing. Runs the gamut from folk-pop to ambient experiments, covering all kinds of ground in between.

"This is not a random string of songs made to fit each side and say, 'Hey, here are some artists we like,' but rather it seems to be a much more deliberate attempt at creating something beautiful." - raisedbygypsies.blogspot.com


released October 15, 2014

big thanks to everyone who contributed,
and especially Ben for doing most of the initial organizing
thanks to Ellie for help with the art (again)




4! records + tapes Bozeman, montana

downhome jams / joyful noise

always taking demos, interested parties should contact us

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Track Name: Logan Archer - Fifteen
she said I'm a slave to myself
there ain't no one who can save me, no not anyone else
as I cupped my shaking hand and placed it over her mouth,
I told her "don't be so dramatic, darlin', lift up your blouse"

she said I've got a hardened heart
there ain't no one who can heal me, no not anyone I know
and as I cupped my shaking hand and rested it on her breast,
I told her "we are animals who are supposed to have sex" and

she'd say the most pathetic little things
but I'd suffer through her sadness just for the love she'd bring
and I hated every moment that I was with you
'cause I hated myself more than you could ever do, ever do
Track Name: Team Rocket! - Okay, Go Die
go to hell, you rotten bastard
you've made my life a big disaster
11 months since you last called me
and when you do it's to borrow money

well, I think you should die
I think you should die
I think you should kill you
or I think you should try
I think you should die

it's been 6 weeks since you and James fell apart
you ran away and broke my best friend's heart
and then today you decide to tell me
that in small ways you always liked me

try so hard to be a decent man
it breaks my heart on days I can't
and seems to me you do not care
who you hurt or what you lay bare

so I think you should die
I think you should die
I think I should kill you
or I think I should try
I think you should die
Track Name: Sat Up And Begged - If I Could I'd Fly Off to Colorado
I'd wear my little floral dress
if it makes you make a mess
in your favorite pair of jeans
you and i like carrots and peas

white and lavender columbine, sunflowers
call out, hide in my hair
take off our underwear
skinny dip in the lakes
drink strawberry shakes

if I could I'd fly off to Colorado
just for one night, baby gimme crazy afterglow
you're my man, hold my hand
Track Name: Yeenar - Bleachboy
down, then I'm up
like I'm back there in my highchair
frown then cheer up
'til I'm back here in my nightmare

I just can't do it all
I just can't do it all
I just can't clean it up
I just can't keep it up

drive, hope it goes
someone's honking, engine's knocking
left all alone
on a highway, on a brainwave

it's just your attitude (no it's not)
what are you mad at, dude? (I don't know)
bad thoughts I have 'em too (no you don't)
not like this, not like this

you just don't sleep enough (well you're right)
don't stop and breathe enough (well I try)
life just ain't easy, bud (yes I know)
I'm still here, I'm still here
Track Name: He's Dead, Jim - Chef Chun
I'm holding on to anything wishing it was you
can't say what I want words stick like glue
thinking 'bout things it's too good to be true
or maybe I'm just scared to say I'm falling for

I trace my steps back to where we met it's all a blur
trying everything not to think about that four letter word
I can't forget I can't forget
I can't forget a thing

better halves of different people
in my life start to fade
was it worth it all for this?
Track Name: Ghoststs - Sun and Satelite
if I could write a song, things would get better
but it's just a pile of words, some sounds to a letter
and I'm a lonely piece of shit that can't quit
that can't help but stare, the sun is your hair
and I wanna look away but I can't stop and I can't stay

I'm runnin' in circles again
I guess there's nothing I can do but orbit you
Track Name: Lady Parts - Tired Tried Lovin'
oh, I owe you nothing
just a temporary sweet something
and when I think of our tired tried lovin'
I feel relieved

oh, and I know I'll come down from this spiteful high
in the morning but now this split lets me fly
off in the way I've been hopin', but you're lovin'
too scared to let go

oh, this tired tried lovin'
and when I think of our tired tried lovin'
I feel relieved
Track Name: Pat Malone - Chain
strained my soul, my brains
through ethanol fueled mental mesh
a few more eyedrops in the bathroom sink
punched the wall until it bled

clockwork organ exodus
listening to the bathroom tile
and in those bile-stained waters
I saw who I am inside

I thought about that bike
you rode up and down the way
swooping under pale green branches
until you lost the chain

a few years later it was raining
you found it buried in the mud
wrapped it tight around the gears
and set off into the sun
Track Name: Billy Lubach - Owe My Life
I owe my life to a tree
that fell ahead of me
we like the beams through the branches
the silent leaves our way

keeps me cosy at night
keeps us safe during the day
when we climb through the canopy
we like the way it feels
with my arms around a branch
and a branch at my heels
Track Name: Benjamin Poole - Montrouge
and it comes in the night
and it crawls up your spine
fight it off, drive it blind
light is gone, light unkind
Track Name: Funny Cars - Cool Creek
dip your feet in, don't delay
the passing of hours, the passing of days
lays buildings low, turns bones into dust
the sun will go down and the sun will come up

over hilltops and rise above clouds
light up the rooftops and shine on the towns
so cast off your costumes and try to get free
because the water runs clear and the water is cool
in the creek in the sweet summer time

when you're anxious and you're coming undone
and you stay in all day just to hide from the sun
when you just want to vanish and don't want to be missed
just try to remember that the

traffic will hiss and the insects will drone
whether you're out with your friends or in on your own
so put off the future and forget the past
because the water is cool as you lie in the grass
by the creek in the sweet summer time